Last Words

from by MARROW

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Oh, what could I tell of the storm
and it’s aftermath

Born inside then lashing out
Wrenching bones
layers scraped then ripped away
Fever dreams, caved in chest
I cannot fucking breath
Flooding tears can’t quell the dust
and one has to swallow this

Turning in circles, reliving cycles
bereft and shaking
like the children we once were
A special poison, aged but still potent
to course through channels carved long ago
And we drown the ones we love

I’ve been a mirror that wouldn’t break
and a hungry ghost, wandering, ashamed
Given and taken-words could never explain
fragments twisted or lost
In the stillest place, crumbled earth
a paler skin, and lives going on

Let us lay these storms to rest for now
ensconced in a chamber of the skull
A shimmering trickle of obdurate glass
Dormant, contained, with but a few escapes
of the sting, the ache, the falling rush
Til what was blood and salt
is merely an echo of an echo

Let us forget what is gone

As the harvest preludes absence
dam the banks anyway you can
Under swimming eyes and scoured hands
the tender hope, a forlorn wish,
that somehow, the paths and bridges will hold
But outside, eternally, wilderness will grow
Scramble up the rocks
A maelstrom razed the ground

The weave will stretch and snap
every bond will break
And blood pledges turn to a forsworn truth
By shifting stars or fault or fear
By sorrow or pain or desert air
Aloft, the threads, the lonely wind
the swell of time, the scattering sand

Hollow, drifting, my fingers swept a notch
(the softened lines, a gentle breath,
of slumber gazed)
bore a heat and beauty that filled me whole
And in quite moment of the nights
I was expanse and light, water and stone
Thus are carried filaments of bone:
Swirling, windswept; trembled, nearly hewn
While the flakes and the ruins float gently away
currents will shape them to return someday
As a fullness precluding absence and space
The contours of time, never erased
You are branded onto my heart


from The Sea of​.​.​., released June 12, 2012


tags: metal Tacoma


all rights reserved


MARROW Tacoma, Washington

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