Someday We Will Die So That Others May Be Free

from by MARROW

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What poisoned shroud fell tonight
on a valley filled with thirst?
It stings the eyes and
in the coolness of the night I’ll shiver
With the blade and the cup and limbs not my own
Tendrils dip, to ascend as so much smoke
Carrying the gaze to the hills at the edge of vision;
stay with me here to witness a collision

Hearken now to the sounds of hooves landing
they echo off the wheel, though few remain standing
Now come back, see the long night through
murky and scabrous, feel the weight turn
And pick your

Shed water, vapor to carry sight
On stratum and sclera only musk and salt remain
blended with soil underfoot

Exhale, sink down, in silence
To see through a vision not my own

Familiar yet unclear, the skin on these bones
The tales of a rupture, the wind enclosed
Unfurl the skein of perception and eyes turn to blood
In knowing In tasting In feeling…

Absence…And the cold
Silence…And the bones

The haunted and hunted, the fear of what will come
In lands transformed to barren shells
remnants of what was wild and free
stand as an avatar to those who keen
For loss upon loss, air that touches no tree
Lonesome cries falling heavy in the night
Nothing to answer save the roar of machines…
Our vacuous carapace--what’s below will never be seen
Obscured: trading devastation for protection
a quiet fealty to domination,
the fearful, unsaid pledge
which brooks no opposition

Twilight fell on a sharpened earth
And with it came whispers of burning, of birth

(Beginnings and ending, an overflowing thirst)

Through the haze of the night, eyes still search
And find a distant outline of smoke made flesh
What’s left of my body whispers to me:

Someday we will die so that others may be free


from The Sea of​.​.​., released June 12, 2012


tags: metal Tacoma


all rights reserved


MARROW Tacoma, Washington

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